Associates of the Ministry of Commerce are demanding Abadi install Jumaili minister behalf

Baghdad balances News
Associates of the student and the Ministry of Commerce, on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to retain the commissioning Dr. Salim al-Jumaili ministry management and install and her minister, noting the success of resolving the problems of the ministry during the duration of the assignment. He attributed the affiliates in their letter that they've made their request to the Prime Minister to "Palace of the remaining period of the life of the government." They pointed out that "the Ministry of Commerce has suffered from the multiplicity of Ministers and the instability of its administrative different reasons, despite its vital importance in getting the people's livelihood to the poor and the needy, as well as its role in managing the helm of the business process and relations of Iraq's economic and external with the world" are moving to say "which made the ministry needs to the Minister of coherent professional knows how to deal with this ministry and the various ramifications. " They stressed interlocutors Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "state president and given for his Dr. Salman al-Jumaili during the assigned tasks of the ministry and success largely to heal the problems encountered in its work over the years, which he catches the citizen and employee alike call for yourself and invite a sincere invitation to hold on to assign Jumaili or installed in the Ministry of Commerce Department. " And turn it to the "Palace of the remaining period of the life of the government as well as the opening up of the man with the requirements of the work in this ministry." They called to consider the request, "he is not personally mood as much as Maver homeland and the citizen's interest and is the second Steering work of the ministry of political pressure that brought it to low levels." Ended m h n