Death toll from the Syrian army in clashes south of Aleppo

Killing and wounding dozens of government troops, on Wednesday evening, in clashes with armed opposition factions near Ramouseh area south of Aleppo, during an attempt Syrian army forces, close air Rossi to storm the area.
Opposition sources said the factions fought to try to sneak into the axis of Aldbagat Ramouseh in the south of Aleppo area, from control sites in the cement plant and a hill or pumpkins, killing 18 component of the government forces and militias loyal to him.
In this context, a number of elements of the government forces were killed and others wounded in the ocean east of missile battalion Khan Tuman town in the southwestern countryside, through the factions to try to address the Syrian army to storm the battalion.
The exposed areas of the town eis Brive Aleppo south, a rocket bombardment by regime forces, was no information about casualties, while government troops opened fire with heavy machine guns on the areas in the Paradise neighborhood of Aleppo, as well as explosions were heard in cherish , near the Syrian border area - Turkish, northern Aleppo countryside.
In Homs, government forces renewed their bombardment of areas controlled by the opposition forces in Hojses near the hand Jeb surgeon in the desert east of Homs, without information on the casualties, while clashes continued in several axes , the eastern countryside of Homs, between the elements of al - Daesh the one hand, and government forces and militants loyal her other hand.
In Damascus, the death toll rose to four , including a woman and wounding 20 others in a bombing by government forces several missiles on areas in Douma.