Lawyers make up a legal team to prosecute American soldiers involved stealing money raised Iraq
By sd sd -September 7, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad ..
Announced the head of the Iraqi lawyers in the former Dia al-Saadi, Wednesday, for the formation of a legal team includes a number of Iraqi lawyers to prosecute American soldiers "found guilty of stealing" millions of dollars from institutions Arab circles and "smuggling" of Iraqi antiquities across neighboring countries.

He said al-Saadi said in a statement, said that "a group of Iraqi lawyers recently have formed a legal team headed by myself take it upon themselves to sue the US administration and the soldiers who were involved with stealing millions of dollars from institutions and government departments during the American occupation of Iraq, in addition to their involvement and complicity with the Israeli gangs smuggled Iraqi antiquities out of the country." .

He added that "some members of the international coalition forces led by the United States contributed to the theft of millions of dollars who hid the former regime authorities before the US occupation in the presidential palaces, and in other places in Baghdad," adding that "the theft spread to the Iraqi antiquities, through the Israeli international gangs and under the protection of American occupation soldiers, when put Washington hands on Iraqi museums. "

Saadi pointed out that "the soldiers and officers of the American stole the task of Iraqi antiquities and smuggled in through neighboring Iraq, such as Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other border crossing points," stressing that "the team commenced work in the prosecution of those involved across the local, Arab, regional and international legal channels, in order to bring them to justice to receive their just penalty for what Iraq of their own land and people and heritage. "

It should be noted that the US military and international coalition forces have been involved with crimes and great violations against Iraqis documented by many independent international human rights organizations, notably the Abu Ghraib prison, which has evaded the administration to prosecute and punish those involved by the scandal.