Obeidi challenged the decision of withdrawal of confidence

7/9/2016 Views 61

He said a spokesman for the judiciary, Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, providing the former defense minister, sued to challenge the decision of "confidence pull" him by the House of Representatives, as reported among the parliamentary, that "this challenge needs to search its content did not decide on the subject so far."

The House of Representatives had voted to withdraw confidence from the defense minister, Khalid al-Obeidi in 25 of the last month.

He said Bayraktar told the newspaper "Al-Sabah" on Wednesday: "The al-Obeidi has filed a lawsuit before the Federal Court on the withdrawal of confidence from it," pointing out that "the Federal Court will consider the case, and will subsequently inform the other parties before the date of the hearing and decide on the matter."

For his part, MP for the coalition forces, Ahmed al-Mashhadani said in a statement the "morning," said Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi presented an appeal to the Federal Court's decision to dismiss him and the withdrawal of confidence about him, pointing out that "al-Obeidi is awaiting a decision on the legality of his dismissal or not."