Training staffs in preparation for the launch of loans
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Thread: Training staffs in preparation for the launch of loans

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    Training staffs in preparation for the launch of loans

    Training staffs in preparation for the launch of loans

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    Rehabilitation of human resources in the form that is appropriate for the global development has become an important turning point in the life process, especially as the developmental loans for various projects through specialized banks require administrative methods at high levels provided by the human resources that must be ripe for such a large services provided to the various segments of society .

    Chairman of the Supreme Committee for lending engineer Aestbrq thorns affirmed the importance of activating the subject of training of human talent and preparation required that reflects the positive reality in the provision of various services to the public which beneficiaries must rise to the level of what is offered to the citizen regionally and internationally.

    Lending stage

    And the «morning» that Iraq is entering a phase of lending and wide events aimed at the development of the economy in most of the joints of the task, and this stage requires the preparation of human resources in the form that fits this stage and reduce the trouble of citizens and increase the trust between the parties.

    Thorns between the importance that the relevant authorities are working on the preparation of the largest number of skilled manpower in the coming period and enable cutting-edge technology that helps to provide various services are going. The Central Bank has allocated nearly 6.5 trillion dinars for lending to projects.

    Develop a plan

    Meanwhile, a executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali that the Association adopted a plan for the development of human resources two years ago and will continue on an ongoing basis training courses are aimed at workers in banks, public and private sectors.

    The association has organized training courses under the supervision of international institutions to prepare local trainers contribute to the training of qualified workforce in the banking sector and implement the final tests in accordance with the sophisticated methods and controlled via satellite.

    He pointed out that economic development requires the banking sector solid unable to cope with the large numbers required by the national economy, where the need for the international effort dedicated to work in all Iraqi cities and heavily large as well as the local effort that seemed to continue with major international companies and this needs to be Menttorh based systems in the world's most important banks.

    Prepare participants

    Turn Ahmed Al Hashimi, director of training at the association said that the rehabilitation of human resources adopted by the association plan that includes rising number of participants in the courses offered under the supervision of international and local experts, pointing out that graduates have the ability to deal with the latest banking systems, indicating the importance to intensify the number of training courses and raising the number of participants to enable the largest number of employees, noting that participation in the session for a particular system includes nearly 20 specialized employees in specific detail within the banking business.

    The Central Bank Association and banks are following the needs of banking competencies and give priorities as needed, coupled with the most important global technologies.

    The actual need

    He Hashemi that the training courses regulated under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq, and that the Association has developed priorities for training topics according to the actual need for the requirements of the banking business, which is interested in all joints of the services provided to the customer at the Iraqi banks from the reception to the financial service that should rise to acceptable levels in beneficiary and restore confidence between the parties.

    He noted that the training mechanisms that rely sophisticated and create the atmosphere of interactive by all participants and are receiving the information easy ways, stressing that this atmosphere did cooperate with most of the banks, as you are receiving all the observations on the training process in order to create efficiencies on the high degree of

    And between al-Hashemi said the advanced training methods create foundations for a real partnership economically feasible between the private and public sectors, and this is a task in the desired process of economic development and are the first signs of openness and cooperation with state institutions.

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    Re: Training staffs in preparation for the launch of loans

    Lending stage specialized training does not sound like a bunch of backwards greedygonna keep it all for myself people to me. It sounds like a country on the move as a free stable democracy . Gonna help us change the world! Or at least my part of it

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