Rasheed Bank proceed to sell the dollar for travelers b [1200] dinars

2016/9/7 17:34


Rasheed Bank began to sell the dollar to travelers b [1200] Iraqi dinars.

According to a statement of the bank received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, "The Director General of the Rasheed Bank Rashad Khudair between the bank management and directed branch [airport / stadium / Yarmouk / Hay Spring / Ministry of Finance] sell the dollar for Iraqi citizens Alragbeyen purchase and Select the amount by $ 3,000 per citizen and the exchange rate [1200] dinars for their cover their expenses to travel. "

The statement continued, "The sale will be according to the guidelines developed by the bank, which is to provide valid passport is valid travel ticket with an enhanced one of the supporting documents to the customer."