Train staffs in preparation to launch a loan


Rehabilitation of human competencies as appropriate and global development is a significant milestone in practical life, especially developmental loans for various projects through specialized banks require high levels of management methods offered by human resources that must be initialized for such great services to various segments of society. Chairman of the Supreme Committee for lending Eng istabrak Thistle stressed the importance to activate human competencies training and preparing it properly reflects the positive reality in providing various services to beneficiaries which must live up to what it offers to both regionally and internationally.

Lending phase

And for «morning» Iraq kissed on spacious lending phase aims to bring about development in the most important economy hinges, this stage requires human resources setup form which suited this stage and reduces the trouble of citizen and raise confidence between the parties.

Thorns between the importance that relevant actors working on preparing the largest number of human resources during the next period and enable advanced technology that helps to provide various services. The Central Bank allocated approximately 6.5 trillion dinars for lending.

The development plan

He said the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks on Gibraltar that ASEAN human resources development plan adopted two years ago and continuing training courses on an ongoing basis and targeted to employees in the public and private banks. The Association was organized training sessions under the supervision of global institutions to prepare local trainers participate in training qualified workforce in the banking sector and final tests carried out in accordance with the sophisticated techniques and satellite control. He pointed out that economic development requires a solid banking sector capable of handling big numbers required by the national economy, where the need for specialized international effort to operate in all Iraqi cities and heavily as well as local effort that began with major global corporations that need manttorh systems depend on major global banks.

Numbers of participants

Ahmed said Hashmi training Director at the Association to plan human resource training adopted by the Association include the rising number of participants in courses that provide the supervision of international and local experts, pointing out that graduates have the ability to deal with the latest banking systems, noting the importance to intensify the number of courses and raise the number of participants to enable as many staff, indicating that participation in the session for a particular system comprising approximately 20 CIU specific detailed within the banking business.

The Central Bank and the Association and follow the needs of banks and banking give priorities as needed in conjunction with major global technologies.

Actual need

Hashmi was drawn to the training courses organized under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq, and that the Association developed priorities for training topics according to the actual need for banking requirements, so interested in all the joints of the services provided to the customer in front of Iraqi banks into financial service must rise to levels acceptable to the beneficiary and restore confidence between the parties.

He noted that the training mechanisms currently rely sophisticated and interactive atmosphere created by all participants and are receiving information easy methods, stressing that this did cooperate with most banks, as they are receiving all the observations about the training process in order to create a highly qualified


And advanced training methods Hashimi creates the basis for a real partnership economically feasible between the private and public sectors and these are important in the process of economic development and are the first signs of openness and cooperation with State institutions.