The new US ambassador: optimistic conduct reconciliation in Iraq and the good conditions have

2016/9/7 16:31

[Oan- Baghdad]

His new US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, expressed optimism "to hold reconciliation in the country."

He said the US ambassador to the press conference, the first since officially assuming his duties in Iraq on the first of September this month that "the conditions are good for this reconciliation is also optimistic economic developments."

He added that "national reconciliation at the local and regional level will help communities recover from the control Daesh."

He stressed, "We support the reforms taking place in Iraq," noting "we will activate all the agreements in accordance with the strategic framework between Washington and Baghdad agreement."

Mosul and editing process and the position of his country's post popular crowd and the Peshmerga Slemian said "Mosul editing process starts as soon as the Iraqi capacity to her, and joint strength is available to do the job and there would be US support for the process."

And "We are working closely with the Iraqi Prime Minister and meet their needs for the Liberation of the city of Mosul."

He stressed, "We do not see there is a change in our strategy and act according to the plans in support of the Iraqi government to defeat Daesh," adding that "Iraq has a wealth of sources and multiple resources and meeting all these ingredients, Iraq will succeed and have a bright future."

And instead appointed former US Ambassador Stuart Jones, the new ambassador said, that "the change of ambassadors nothing to do with US foreign policy."