Economist: application of OPEC raising oil prices to average $ 5 a barrel

2016-09-06 at 20:02

Special the balance of news

Economic expert named Antoine, Tuesday, that the obligation of States to OPEC oil supply benkhvid procedures in the market will lead to higher oil prices by 5 dollars a barrel.

Antoine, l/balance of news/, that "low oil prices globally reason in the budget deficit," but "the obligation of States بجاراءات OPEC output will contribute to the rise in oil prices at the rate of $ 5 a barrel."

He added that "the Government sold more than 4 million barrels would add more than $ 1.5 billion to the budget," continue "it will reduce part of the financial crunch and budget deficits and repay loans.

Crude oil prices fell in Asia, retreating three percent of the gains in the previous trading session amid worries over global oil supply glut.