Parliament votes on bills in tomorrow and discuss the Nineveh health salaries theft file

2016/9/7 15:22

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} hold regular meeting House Thursday, to vote on bills and read the other two, as discussed a package of laws and a number of issues, most notably the Nineveh health personnel and payroll theft pay farmers.

According to a statement to the House of representatives received {Euphrates news} "on the Council's agenda includes a vote on a second amendment Bill to the law of private investment in crude oil filter number 64 of 2007, vote on a bill that Iraq's accession to the Convention of the International Institute for the unification of private law {UNIDROIT} on cultural property stolen or illicitly exported."

"The agenda also includes the first reading of the draft law on financial management, the first reading of the first amendment proposal to the Iraqi media network Act number 26 for 2015, report and discuss a Bill to exempt foreign companies and foreign contractors in secondary contractors decades licenses fees."

The agenda also includes a report and discussion of the draft law stipulates the Iraqi Atomic GE, report and discuss the first amendment to the minors Welfare Act No 78 of 1980, report and discuss the proposed Act to amend the companies Act No 21/1997 amended ".

He completed the agenda also includes a report and discuss the proposed Law Commission of public information and communications, and the general topic of discussion regarding the formation of a Committee to investigate the theft of the Nineveh Health Department salaries and investigative Committee on exchange mechanism funds for displaced people in Nineveh, general topic for discussion regarding payment of farmers and peasants for {2014-2015}, subject of reducing the proportion of grain quantities received from peasants of Kurdistan without the other. "

The complete statement that "Parliament will also evaluate the work during the Thursday meeting scheduled at 11 am.

The House on Tuesday, unable to hold regular meeting due to lack of a quorum, and postponed to Thursday