Iraq and Korea are discussing developing agricultural side and the reconstruction of the liberated areas


Economy Baghdad Planning Minister Salman jumaili with Korean Ambassador in Baghdad Sung Wong-Yeop, develop the agricultural side and reconstruction of liberated areas from gangs of ISIS.

The Ministry statement said "the economy received a copy of the news Monday that" Planning Minister Salman jumaili discussed with the new Korean Ambassador in Baghdad Sung Wong-Yeop, investment opportunities available in Iraq in front of Korean companies, especially in the field of reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas ".

The statement said "the meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry and was attended by the President of the Korean Agency for development {kweka} and the number of the Embassy, to discuss a number of important issues in various areas including the benefit from the experience and potential of Korean companies in the rehabilitation of the agricultural sector in Iraq and increase its contribution to GDP to reduce dependence on oil." Korean Ambassador was his Government's willingness to engage in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of agriculture in Iraq ", stating that" {was} ready to make a detailed feasibility study on mechanisms and timing of the development of agriculture.

The planning Minister said that Iraq "possesses considerable investment opportunities in all areas, at the forefront of the reconstruction and development of agriculture", calling "Korean companies to force entry to take advantage of these opportunities, particularly the Iraqis believe in the potential of these businesses through practical experiences.

Jumaili expressed "hope in the continuation and development of cooperation between the two sides and new training opportunities for Iraqis across the Agency {kweka}", stating that "the Iraqi Government policy based on openness to foreign investment and work to attract them to take advantage of the investment opportunities available, including in energy, housing, transport and agriculture, as well as reconstruction.

The Minister said that "the Ministry through development plans adopted by working to reduce oil dependence by activating other development sectors," the Ministry also reviewed many of the policies and work to develop policies based on promoting and developing the developmental sectors and attracting investment and engagement with the private sector. "

The Minister stressed that "the Iraqi economy has power and stay and we can move beyond the economic risk," adding that "the problem today is not economic and financial problem and Iraq has received international support to help him through it," and noted that Iraq "good grants and loans would help solve a lot of problems, especially in a post-ISIS and freeing all Iraqi territories usurped by gangs of ISIS termAimed at. "

Minister statement said that "the year 2016 will inevitable end to address displayed is flag then towards the reconstruction of the liberated areas". Korean Ambassador praised Sun yup "efforts of the Iraqi Government on security and economic levels that have yielded good results, including free land and overcome the risk of economic crisis", "Seoul's willingness to extend all kinds of support to Iraq in various areas and to contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated areas and develop agriculture. Sun disclosed Joop on "submitting a proposal to the Iraqi side on the agricultural development agency would adopt file {was} to make a feasibility study. Korean Ambassador noted that "Government provided about {350} million dollars in aid to the Iraqi side in order to enable it to overcome the economic, security and humanitarian problems."

Sun said Joop said that "there are existing Korean company {23} working on 40 projects costing more than 26 billion dollars from a project approaching reality filtered and Karbala and not here." It added "to clarify some of what happened during the meeting attended by the Director General of the international cooperation Department at the Ministry of planning to discuss prospects of cooperation between Iraq and Korea in the field of standardisation and quality control and the possibility of a joint memorandum of understanding whereby mutual recognition to accept standard specifications for both countries."

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