Babylon's Government complaining about recession and financial approval awaiting to maximize their revenue. "


Babil's management confirmed the need to adopt a plan to maximize revenue due to lack of resources and lack of liquidity necessary for building projects and provide the necessary services in the County, its Hella (100 km south of Baghdad), and indicated that the Treasury has not made its approval yet to open the financial departments of revenue while obliging them to it by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, with eye to initialize all preparations for and recruit to do this task.

He said the first Deputy Governor of Babylon and Sam Aslan, in a press statement that "the topic of maximizing revenue in the province is one of the important topics and you're thinking of the local Government of Babylon to initiate the necessary servicing and building projects because of lack of funds and special revenue Babylon except funds allocated from the Central Government and have not acted so far."

Aslan said that "the fundamental problem lies in the lack of approval of the Ministry of finance until now, open the financial departments of revenue each province to launch the venerated through a series of measures, including the imposition of fees and levies," pointing out that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi had committed financial Minister Hoshyar Zebari since June last year, agreeing to open the financial departments in each province, without seeing any results so far."

Aslan said that the "Government Executive appointed Babylon qualified for this Department and we are waiting for the Finance Ministry approvals", noting that "it was supposed to discuss provincial Council today to maximize revenue in the province but it has been delayed until the next meeting."

The province of Babylon, stops a lot of SOA projects because of the financial crisis in the country after falling oil prices since the summer of 2014, which had a negative impact on economic activity in General, according to specialists.