Coalition aircraft destroyed a number of bulldozers and 500 units in Nineveh, Anbar displayed is flag

2016/9/7 14:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} managed to coalition aircraft, said Wednesday, destroying a number of bulldozers woalohadat altketikh displayed is flag in Nineveh and Anbar.

The joint force said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today "International Alliance airlines do 12 air raid on guerrilla terrorist ISIS dens in parts of Nineveh and Anbar."

It was implementing a counteroffensive in the Po white and gray life zones in Anbar, near Al-Kazak walkiarh and Mosul in Nineveh, resulting in the destruction of a number of tactical units displayed is flag webeldorzat, buildings and underground bunkers and missile launchers, in addition to destroying the entrances to tunnels and wheels and a number of high-caliber machine guns ".