Basra port opening voting on plans to the border with Iran in terms of Ecstasy

2016/9/7 10:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Basra, intends to vote on opening the border port with included Iran in ecstasy on his agenda in the coming days.

Block said the citizen in Basra Selim Shawki, received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "we have completed the required legal procedures and opening the border port fundamentalism with Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of Ecstasy in Basra."

"The inclusion of draft agenda list port Basra and voted yes service to Basra and its people", noting that "the third step began by updating your fundamentalist approvals open port Falam with Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of euphoria as an extension to the monastery.

"Based on the book that we sent to Dewan Basra Basra Governor Majid alnserwai wrote formally to the provincial Council for the purpose of inclusion of the project on their agenda list and voted on and another book to the Iranian Consulate to deliver a complete all Iraqi approvals required".