Legal expert demands not to speed up the application of the amnesty law until amendment thereto

September 7 8:46

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} demanded legal expert Tariq Harb, after speeding up the implementation of the amnesty law until amendment thereto and published in official proceedings.

He said in a statement received war {Euphrates news} CC said Wednesday that the Parliament decided to access {the pardon the common law} on 25 August, the day of the vote but pardon any law enforcement and Amnesty be coverage on publication in the Gazette newspaper {facts} of Iraq in accordance with the provisions of article {129} of the Constitution decided that runs from the date of publication in the Official Gazette no can't work out before this date.

He explained that "there's a difference between force and reason for this implementation lies must punish crimes committed in the period between the entry into force of the law any Parliament vote on it and the date of its publication in the Official Gazette no takes our days and we cannot allow these crimes and covered by Amnesty Tuesday to guide any after {11} days from the date of the vote to pardon and Amnesty is not published in the Official Gazette".

He added that "war cannot rely on Parliament to vote on ratification by the Presidency of the Republic on the basis of Parliament approved amnesty for coverage when coverage must pardon that specifies no amnesty law", "Terry grant no amnesty law from justice, when publishing in the Official Gazette and not for Parliament and the Presidency select no amnesty law".

The courts and competent authorities when deciding a case Amnesty coverage must remember no amnesty law and this number is from the Department of publication in the Official Gazette coverage cannot pardon to Parliament or presidential approval, but must mention no amnesty law ".

He called the war "Parliament taking into account the observations of the Prime Minister Tuesday evening, work to promote Amnesty amendment Bill which stated exception for terrorist crimes and kidnappings and drug trafficking offences and rapes and sodomy, incest and silenced weapons crimes sound, as well as the crimes contained in the Amnesty bill sent by the Government to Parliament for his legislation and not to delay in legislating this amendment because there are other provisions contained in the amnesty law must be applied and there was no objection."

Legal expert called "reasons and illnesses reported by the Prime Minister in excluding some crimes from Amnesty being realistic and genuine reasons."

Seal and saying a war about the amnesty law that "found that accelerate the application of Amnesty Act pending the Amnesty Law Amendment Act may cover some amnesty cases prior to publication in the Official Gazette before the enactment of the amendment.

The House of representatives voted on 25 August last, the amnesty law in full paragraphs.

The Cabinet approved yesterday the Tuesday regular meeting first amendment Bill of the amnesty law and referred it to the House based on the provisions of articles 61 item first and 80 item II of the Constitution.