Erdogan: ready to participate in the liberation of tenderness

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country is ready to accept Washington 's proposal for conducting a joint operation to liberate Syria from the hands of tenderness "Daesh."

He was quoted by Turkish media on Wednesday, September 7 / September Erdogan 's statements in this regard during his return trip from China where he participated in the activities of the top twenty on Sunday and Monday.

The newspaper "Hurriyet" quoted Erdogan as saying: "tenderness is the main stronghold of Daesh. Lee said US President Barack Obama that he wants to cooperate with us on tenderness. And we said that he did not mind of our own, and we have proposed a meeting between military to discuss this issue and how we can do that".

Turkish president stressed that his country must demonstrate its position in the region and may not retreat even one step.

He stressed that Ankara does not face any difficulties in cooperation with Washington in the context of the process of conducting " the shield of the Euphrates" in northern Syria. He described the cooperation with the Americans during the operations in the Shepherd area as "comfortable", stressing the continuation of Turkish-US cooperation in the context of operations Bjrabuls.

Erdogan said he would continue talks with the Russian and US leaders about the cease-fire in Aleppo system.

He added: "We said to President Vladimir Putin in China that it is necessary to reach a cease-fire in Aleppo immediately. These relate operations significantly the ongoing talks between the foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia, the Minister of the United States. There will be Minister trilateral meeting." He said he intends to make phone calls in this regard with the Russian and US presidents.

He explained: "We have said we want to bring about a peaceful atmosphere in Aleppo before the Eid al - Adha. Is seen by our partners to this proposal positively. Putin assured me that it can achieve the desired result within two or three days."