"International migration" declares the displacement of 90 thousand Iraqis and raise the white flag

IOM spotted the displacement of more than 90 thousand Iraqis recently from the cities of Beiji and Sharqat Salahuddin, hand Qayyarah Nineveh result of military operations during the period between June 16 and July 5 last against Daesh terrorist, in addition to the more than 3.3 million Iraqis have been displaced across the country since January 2014.

The International Organization for Migration Matrix to track displacement emergency in Iraq that the humanitarian community is unable to provide adequate shelters for the growing numbers of displaced Iraqis, noting that more than 545 thousand displaced people living in critical shelter arrangements, which are most affected in particular.

She pointed out that about 700 additional families will receive aid to upgrade the shelter embarrassment arrangements, including the building and water and repairing sanitation, will contractors employ displaced rehabilitation work in order to support their livelihoods, has been rapid assessment private shelter these activities in more than 60 locations in the provinces of Baghdad and Salah al - Din.

The head of the UN Mission for Migration in Iraq Thomas Luther Weiss Iraqis who have been forced to flee their homes and seek shelter arrangements are in dire need to protect them from this hot Rulers weather, seeking the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) in cooperation with partners and donors in the humanitarian field to provide the necessary to improve the situation of assistance shelter for thousands of displaced Iraqi families most affected.

He noted that one of the displaced were forced to flee with 15 members of his family from their homes in June because of the armed conflict with Daesh.

He said , "We fled on foot for 14 hours to avoid regulation Daesh fighters, until we reached a safe area, and we are now living on the fourth floor in an unfinished building with no windows, adding that" thanks to the rehabilitation of the shelter by the International Organization for Migration, we have been able windows cover open to protect us from the wind and we feel safe. "

The second phase of the liberalization of Nineveh was launched on Saturday / June 18, with the participation of the fight against terrorism and the Armored Division troops ninth army and forces loyal to the leadership of Salahuddin operations and edit Nineveh, mobilize tribal support from the airline Iraq and the international coalition to liberate spend Sharqat Salahuddin and hand Qayyarah south of Mosul, and managed to free Qayyarah air Base , which lies 60 km from the city of Mosul, Saturday / July 9, and many of the
surrounding villages.