Jaafari bless the wise "addressing responsibility" and calls on the parties to the National Alliance for Maaddth

We thank the General Authority of the National Alliance , which Ooltena confidence unanimously in 2010 after the sincere efforts that have been made ​​in order to form a coalition of the Iraqi National Alliance, the coalition of state law, we have been keen care to proceed by strengthening its infrastructure in order to ensure continuity of having the largest bloc recipe inside the Iraqi parliament in spite of all the difficulties that we faced within the coalition and outside, in addition to our work to strengthen and consolidate the national partnership with the political process in Iraq and components up to the formation of a government to ensure adequate representation of the categories of our people, and social classes all.
The maintenance of the unity of the National Alliance, and to ensure the equilibrium between the political block, and the adoption of advice in the decision - making strategy, and strengthen it in front of a lot of political challenges that almost swept represented our highest priority that we have worked on previously although cases of the intersection, and contrast that emerged in the positions of its components from many of the issues as the unit have kept Iraq from sliding into a state of political limbo, and the chaos that threatens the country 's unity.
We also since the formation of the current government, and our response to the Foreign Ministry informed the leaders of the coalition need to choose a new president to him from one of his characters who possess efficient, and perseverance to continue to complete the march, and the success of the national project with the assistance of national his government Bmphasalha all reminding that this responsibility lies with the parties to the whole alliance; so at a time when we bless it to Sayyed Ammar al - Hakim , addressing the responsibility of the rotating presidency of the Iraqi National Alliance call upon all parties to the coalition teamwork hoping for even greater efforts, and invest all that would serve Iraq, and to uphold his word, and elevate it to the level of the aspirations of our people, and the challenges of terrorism, and corruption, and wish Mr. President of the National Alliance to help and guide this mission.