Ornaments: edit rights "Daesh" a victory for the values ​​of human dignity

The Secretary General of the Foundation for Human Rights in Iraq and Walid al- Hilli, that the liberation of man from "Daesh" is a victory for the values ​​of human dignity, adding that the commander of the armed forces maintained the unity among Iraqis in the face of "conspiracies" and media war, as he pointed to the government 's success file management displaced despite the difficulties.
The ornaments in a statement issued after a meeting with a group of Iraqi scientific talent, that "human liberation from gangs Daesh and their human rights abuses is a victory for the values ​​of human dignity , " noting that "Iraq should be the achievements made ​​in the reforms through the basic criteria in the calendar, and the most important of human dignity as the Baathist regime of the former harsh violations of this dignity, and continued gangs that support the Baath Party from the likes of al - Qaeda and Daesh this approach in the attack on the humanitarian and underestimated, and its wars of aggression violated the Islamic principles and values, as well as severe abuse of human rights and laws. "
He added ornaments, that " the current government has managed, despite the passing economic conditions difficult, a senior security challenges, danger arrived in the outskirts of Baghdad and the provinces, that the equations that have been developed by some regional and foreign circles volatility to be in favor of the home, and the strengthening of regional and international relations, and restore hope and confidence to the citizen Iraq , "noting that" winning the grace to enjoy the dignity, respect and rights at all levels should make human straining to keep it, and get rid of corruption in all its forms because it is synonymous assault on human security. "
He continued ornaments, that " the general commander of the armed forces were able to maintain the unity among Iraqis in the face of conspiracies and media war despite the difficult and critical and dangerous challenges they were confronted," pointing out that " the success of the government 's management of the displaced file despite major security and economic difficulties, it evacuated about 4 tens of millions of displaced people from the cities and without casualties, and to protect them while they are tents, and provide possible services to them, and re - number of them to their homes safely. "