Liberal rejects proposal to give employees a vacation five years

Liberal parliamentary bloc rejected the proposed Cabinet to give employees a vacation for five years, and the salary of my name.
The MP said the Messenger of al - Taie in an interview, said that "Iraqis wait for the government to provide jobs for the appointment of graduates and the unemployed, but the proposal of the Council of Ministers will generate armies of young people unemployed in the light of the economic and security situation in the country."
"The citizen has been waiting for government jobs and increase salaries instead of downloading the burden of the economic crisis did not cause them," adding that " the Council of Ministers a proposal to give employees a vacation for five years with a salary my name and termination of contracts is illegal and contrary to the Constitution."
Tai said that " the Liberal bloc in the House of Representatives rejects the proposal so any prejudice to the salaries of employees and give them a vacation for five years and will work vigorously to reject this proposal in the House of Representatives."
Tai pointed out that "the government and the prime minister nor the fight against corruption and to hold them accountable and recover Iraqi funds smuggled abroad at the time of the previous governments , rather than discuss the issue and so the proposals."
Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi yesterday announced that the Board discussed at its give employees five years paid leave my name is fully counted for the purposes of retirement, also proposed granting of contracts for employees in a sum of money and allowing them to establish their own projects.