Iranian newspaper headlines on Wednesday.

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Wednesday, 07/09/2016.
President Rouhani: the speed of implementation of the conventions occur rapid development in Tehran and Paris relationships
Dozens of dead and wounded in Baghdad explosion a terrorist .. and adopts Daesh
Iran supports any decision for the return of stability to the world oil markets
Occupation is targeting the Palestinian resistance and the homes inhabited by artillery in the northern Gaza Strip
Kayhan Arab
President Rouhani: Everyone knows who are the countries that support terrorists and support them with weapons and equipment
Zanganeh: We support any decision for the return of stability to world oil markets
Yemeni missile force pounded the industrial zone in Najran missile "Earthquake 3"
"Nhenal Aandreast": Iran produces best anti-ship high - speed missiles
Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to visit Iran 's new recognition of its efforts
German business office begin its work in Tehran
President of the French National Council proclaims the large French banks invest in Iran support
Moscow opens a permanent exhibition in Iran
Obama: missile tests North Korea deepens its isolation
Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of meddling in the US presidential election
Larijani: Visiting President of the French National Council for Iran , a high point in the parliamentary relations between the two countries
Pakistani opposition leader Nawaz Sharif demanded the removal of
Afghan police clash with terrorists downtown Kabul for 11 hours
Paris warns of infiltration Daesh to Tunisia and Egypt from Libya
Nabeel Rajab Al Khalifa regime imprisoned 4,000 political activist
Rouhani: rapid and scrupulous implementation of the agreements creates a significant shift in relations between Tehran and Paris
Interior Minister: internal solidarity and the most important achievements of the Ministry of Interior Security
Philippine President Obama apologize for cursing at him
Israeli army carried out an attack on the northern Gaza Strip
Jomhuri - ye Eslami
Message wife of Sheikh Zakzaky: The Case of Sheikh Zakzaky very serious
Zanganeh: Iran supports every decision for the return of stability to the oil market
Iran condemns terrorist bombings in Syria
Ayatollah Rafsanjani: As long as terrorists are enjoying comfortable in Europe, the West will not succeed in the fight against terrorism
Wife of Sheikh Zakzaky: in the event of the death of Sheikh Zakzaky begin unrest on the streets of Nigeria
648 human rights declaration of Iranian willingness to establish a case against Al - Saud
Send the second batch of humanitarian aid by the Ayatollah Sistani to Nineveh province
Saudi military attache in Germany 's ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Baghdad
Homeland Emrouz
Larijani: France should not be the base for terrorists
Ayatollah Sobhani Jafari: the case of Bahrain is very worrying
25 dead in bombings in the Afghan capital Kabul
London airport closes as a result of protests