Us official: Washington Avenue to open a direct flight route with Baghdad.

2016/6/9 22:03

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Met Transport Minister, Kazem Cup Erythema, Tuesday, us Embassy and Adviser in Baghdad us General Michael berbiro to discuss employment prospects and strategic vision for the transport sector between sidebar, berbiro confirmed Washington's intention to open direct flight between Iraq and the United States.

And Erythema in a statement confirmed {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "his eagerness to expand cooperative ties with the American side and the need to take advantage of their expertise in various areas of transport, investment in projects. Noting that Iraq today is an important link with the outside world because of its geographical location which is an attraction for most international companies to invest and work in the transport sector in Iraq. "

For his part via berbero said "serious desire to strengthen relations within the strategic agreement between Baghdad and Washington by opening a direct flight route between Iraq and the United States and invest in projects particularly in the large port of Faw, which us companies can invest in the constructive process, saying Iraq can benefit from the experiences of American companies in airport security and rail projects in Iraq".