British report "120" billion dollars disappear shortly maliki's rule for the presidency of the Iraqi government

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British report revealed a new talking about the disappearance of $ 120 billion surplus balance sheets of financial Iraq during nouri al-Maliki to the presidency of the Iraqi government.

Report of the international centre for development studies, based in London, British Capital, explained that during the period between 2006-2014 Iraq has significant financial surplus that could contribute to the reconstruction and transform it into a state Modern, with a total budget of 700 billion dollars went for her into the pockets of the corrupt.

According to the report, the president of the Iraqi government's current haider al-Abadi received from his predecessor maliki safe almost empty where there is no more than $ 700 million just, what made Iraq in a very difficult financial position, especially with the low oil prices and the drop. Income and high cost of war on the "ISIS".

The report noted a decrease to reserve the central bank of Iraq also in time I had to grow in it, in the time it rose balancers Iraq from $ 100.5 billion in 2012 to $ 145.5 billion in 2014 The Central Bank reserves have fallen from $ 88 billion to 67 billion dollars, this continued decline that arrived this year to $ 43 billion, a decrease of up to 45 billion. Dollars and decline the equivalent of $ 9 billion annually go mostly to purchase goods, non-productive.

The report showed that during the months of January and February of 2016 income was Iraq's financial $ 3.269 billion, while the central bank sold $ 5.821 billion to import goods, which they were covering the difference of 2.552 A billion dollars from the reserve.

About as central bank for the period from 2012. 2015 the amount of $ 6.5 billion under purchase instruments found issued by illusory and that account to the companies show later.

It's fake too.

And warned the world centre for studies of the continuing process of wastage in the central bank reserve, especially with keeping oil prices at low levels and increasing the burden on the state because it means that the budget deficit, inflation levels were beyond what is revealed and which Up in the next year to 32 percent, and in spite of the attempts of the Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi from curbing corruption in Iraq but the beneficiaries of this phenomenon is attempting to disrupt that, and the impact on the work of independent bodies through the influence of some The parties or "militia".

Report called the Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to accelerate in the detection of corrupt senior before the upcoming elections.

He referred the world centre for studies to file of Iraq, a major international attention especially corruption caused the spread of terrorism in Iraq as a threat to the region and the world.

The report that the success of al-Abadi in the fight against corruption is no less important for the liberation of Mosul and enjoys the support of public and international can from the implementation of its programmes in the reconstruction and services and building state institutions.