The leader of the National Alliance: Iraq's new project requires us to strengthen the ranks and rise above the internal differences expanded {}
{Baghdad} Euphrates News said National Alliance leader Ammar al-Hakim, said the new Iraq project requires strengthening the rows and reunification and review the practices and evaluate the results and rise above the internal differences.
Mr. Ammar al - Hakim said in a statement today that " the grace of God and the confidence of our fellow Iraqi National Alliance leaders honored Ptsnm the responsibility of chairing the National Alliance , " noting that "Iraq 's new project requires us to strengthen the rows and reunification and review the practices and evaluate the results and consolidate the teamwork culture and agree on goals strategy. "

He added that" the national Alliance represents a cornerstone of the founders of the ongoing political process in Iraq, and its relationship with other alliance of political forces on the size of national space represents the most important factor in determining the political and psychological environment , the general political situation. "

He continued martyr Mehrab stream that the leader of " Iraq and amid the challenges facing require us to rise above internal and intra differences and work in the spirit of the team and agree on a minimum of the participants and the conversion points of difference and intersection into opportunities for serious dialogue is far from convulsions and auctions held the past and harbingers of the present. "

He added that" one of the first priorities that we will work on is creating the mechanics of the institutional in the joints of the national Alliance and get everyone involved in the planning and decision and activation of the General Authority political Authority and the dissemination of culture and communication and finding solutions to the problems we face dialogue, which we proceed to the next priority in developing frameworks healthy, correct and interactive relationship with other alliances in the national arena and install roof supreme national goals and identify participants and surround areas of difference and rebuild bridges of trust and communication. "

said National Alliance leader to" it 's a difficult task but not impossible if available sincere intentions and motives sincere ", ahead of" thanks elder brother , Ibrahim al - Jaafari , which gave his time and thought and effort to the National Alliance all determination and sincerity in the past years, and we thank our brothers in the leadership of the coalition for their trust and ask them support and backing, and we thank all the characters and national political forces that have blessed and welcomed and expressed her feelings noble sincere. "

He called the political power to" make this opportunity a moment for the start of real action evokes Problems past experience near and understands the challenges of the present and plan for the future with confidence and hope and determination. "

The body was leading Iraqi National alliance chose, president of ISCI, Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, the leader of the Thalv.anthy