Kurdish differences over the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari

Writings Tuesday 0.6 September 0.2016

Did not unite the positions of the blocks Kurdish Iraqi parliament on the withdrawal of confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, while not include works of regular session of the parliament agenda scheduled for Tuesday, September 6, 2016 , paragraph vote on the dismissal of the minister centrist Democratic Party of Kurdistan.

The MP said the bloc National Kurdistan in the Iraqi parliament, Ribawar Taha, network Roudao media, "we have not reached anything until now by Ktlna regarding the withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of Finance, but I parliamentarian and member of the integrity Committee, I can honestly say that Zebari did not give us until now , no documents to prove his innocence , so I Vice Kurdish I will vote to withdraw confidence from Zebari. "

The head of the parliamentary bloc competencies, Haitham al - Jubouri, has campaigned to collect the signatures of 100 members of parliament, to demand the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari, and presented to the Iraqi parliament speaker, Salim al - Jubouri, and are likely not to include a signature list any deputy of Kurdish blocs.

The MP said the mass change, Masood Haider, " the mass change did not provide any official guide us about the sacking Zebari, was to leave it to the convictions of Representatives, but the latest information suggests that Zebari said that his attitude is very good, and most parties will vote for him. "

for his part, head of the Kurdish Islamist group block, Ahmed Haji Rashid," the Kurdistan Democratic party bloc, contacted us about this matter, but Jemaah Islamiah our destination that we decide based on the circumstances, and before the hearing will meet Ktltna to resolve our decision , "he said.

in contrast, the Kurdistan Democratic party bloc began a campaign to collect the signatures of more than 85 deputies to now, to demand the re - vote on the conviction with answers Zebari, who was previously "in inappropriate conditions , " according to the block.

the head of the Kurdistan Democratic party bloc, Khosro Goran, "we can increase the number of signatures, but that a number of MPs signatories of Haitham al - Jubouri memo, contacted us and Cdo they withdrew their signatures. "

the voice of the Iraqi parliament last week on the lack of conviction with answers Zebari majority vote, although the voting process were not included in the parliamentary agenda, but Written based on pressure from deputies of state law.