Iraq received ammunition and bombs from Washington to supply warplanes

Tue, 06 Sep 2016 08:58:21

Cell defense tactical experts closely Iraq recognizes the f-16 aircraft bombs and t 50 "of the United States.

MySQL said in a press release, that "Iraq will receive the first batch of large gear a meal deal 7245 bomb MK-82 free, out of approximately 24 a bomb and a rocket of the type mk-82 andmk-84 Maverick, purchased from the United States, where per weighing 227 kilos and I stuffed 87 kg and can carry both F16 and 159 t-50".

The statement said that both the f-16 aircraft and the t-50 fast 12 bombs of this type at once, pointing out that Iraq bought a large number of multiple router to mount it when needed for precision and not installed if the bombardment to destroy entire Headquarters.

And it was Iraq and the United States signed a declaration of intent to provide financing facilities to Iraq to 2 billion and 700 million dollars.

Under the agreement, these credit facilities will allow Iraqi security forces to postpone payments to buy ammunition and maintenance of F16s, tanks or 1 No 1, for a one-year grace period and a payment period of eight years and a half to pay for military procurement.

Iraq reportedly bought from the United States of America 36 aircraft (f-16), so far received 10 aircraft.