Central Bank sales in Basra today.

2016/6/9 14:47

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Central Bank sales, Tuesday, in Basra to sell foreign currency, reached 135 million dollars, down 127 million yesterday.

The Central Bank said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it, that "the amount sold today reached 135 million, and 228 000, $ 418, 1182 dinars exchange rate of the dollar, with the participation of 33 banks and 15 financial transfer company."

"The sale transfers to bank accounts abroad be priced at $ 1190 each DT either cash sale price is priced at $ 1182 dinars."

"The size of remittance payments and credits totaled 93 million, 260 000, and 463 dollars, while quantity sold 27 million cash, 910 thousand dollars."

He was General Manager of the Bank's credit and banking control Ihsan HostMonster yasiri, said last Sunday, in a press statement that "the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of foreign currency amounting up to 50 billion dollars and is very natural with a country three years ago to a large fiscal deficit in the country", noting that "the foreign reserves are according to the International Monetary Fund on the security side."

He said that "more than 90% of Central Bank sales during the documentary used internationally and dependent either direct sales through the window of the sale of foreign currency to sustain the economy and pump the dollar for trade".