Wasit Investment put the project to establish a factory for the production of medical oxygen at a cost of two billion dinars

09/06/2016 13:27

Long-Presse / Wasit

Announced Wasit Investment Authority, on Tuesday, announced the launch of a project to create a laboratory for the production of "high purity" Medical oxygen is implemented in partnership with the Department of Health, while confirming that the production capacity of the plant up to 300 cylinders per day to meet the needs of health institutions, pointed out that the total cost of the project is about two billion dinars.

The head of the Wasit Investment Authority Hashim Zamili, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Commission put forward an investment opportunity for the establishment of the production of medical oxygen plant capacity of 300 cylinders a day," noting that "the estimated cost of the project is about two billion dinars, to be implemented in partnership between Health Wasit private sector department. "

He Zamili, that "the plant should produce high-purity Ooxgina medically meet the needs of the health departments to maintain, which do cost currently huge amounts of money every year," adding, that "the surplus of the plant production can be raised in the domestic market, both within Wasit province or abroad, provided to be sold at a price at least 10% of the currently prevailing. "

He Zamili, that "the selected area to set up the factory of 2500 square meters, within the dignity Teaching Hospital, in the city of Kut."

The local government in Wasit, already incorporated many of the specialized health projects within the development of the regions of the 2014 draft plan, but all of them have not been implemented because of the financial crisis experienced by the country.