Speaker of Parliament and the Japanese Ambassador discuss bilateral relations and the reconstruction of liberated areas

2016/9/6 11:51

[Where - Baghdad]

Search Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Tuesday, with the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai bilateral relations and the reconstruction of liberated areas.

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "al-Jubouri met with the Japanese ambassador and his entourage were held during the meeting to discuss the displaced file and ways to accelerate the reconstruction of liberated areas from the control of the organization Daesh terror and the return of displaced families to it, as the meeting discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries and Japan's role is important in the development of the Iraqi economy and their humanitarian and development aid for the country. "

President al-Jubouri, and the price of the outstanding efforts made by the Embassy of Japan in promoting the relations between Iraq and Japan and developed on all levels, stressing that the Japanese audience was clear and important in the reconstruction of liberated cities plans through grants and loans that contributed to the rehabilitation of many of the areas affected by the military operations.

He stressed the importance of "improving the reality Almaahie the Iraqi people through the adoption of laws that contribute to balance the implementation of projects that will bring about the desired change and to ensure the best interests of the country."

For his part, Iwai said, "The Japanese government continues to provide all kinds of support to the Iraqi people, praising at the same time the role of parliament in the process of reform and the adoption of important laws that promote the democratic process in the country."