The Oil Ministry announced extinguish fires in six oil wells within the field Qayyarah

The Oil Ministry announced, that the technical and engineering staff of the North Oil Company was able to "record time" of extinguishing fires in six oil wells within the Qayyarah oil field.
Crude oil began to leak from one of the oil wells to the neighborhoods in hand Qayyarah center south of Mosul, four days after the Iraqi army statement tighten control over the region and expelled the militants organize Daesh them.
He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad , in an interview, " The fire process include raising the IEDs from these wells, firefighting, and preventing crude oil which leaked into the river to protect water from pollution, as well as the development of earth mounds and digging trenches to avoid the arrival of crude oil to the neighborhoods residential , "adding that" terrorist gangs, before leaving the city ignited a fire and planted improvised around those wells. "
Jihad said that there are three wells , namely , (83, 37 and 38) are located outside the control of the security forces, stressing that the engineering and technical teams waiting to edit those areas in order to speed extinguished the fires in these wells. "

The spokesman said that the ministry is surprised by the statements made ​​by the President of the Council of hand Qayyarah It seems he did not have accurate information on the developments that took place during the past few days. "