Defense shows the reasons for the delayed start of editing operations Sharqat

.azat Defense Ministry, on Tuesday, the reasons for the delayed start of Sharqat editing operations to make way for civilians to escape from the judiciary, stressing that the current year will see the end of "Daesh" criminal.
Military Adviser to the Ministry Lt. Gen. Mohammed al - Askari said in a press statement, " The combined forces of all the battles instruct the leadership of the Air Force to drop leaflets urging the trapped citizens to flee to areas identified by the security forces, as well as pave the way for aircraft targeting elected positions Daesh and this is what played by the forces now at the entrances of Sharqat. "
He added, that " the liberation of Fallujah experience and reduce the human toll of the citizens and the security forces were circulated in all the battles have been working out in the liberation of Qayyarah operations in Mosul and will edit Sharqat the same way."
Military and pointed out that "joint operations work plans will be used and the end of this year is the end of the presence of criminal Daesh on all lands in Iraq