Expectations of the imminent enactment of the Federal Court Act

9/6/2016 0:00

After the demise of disagreements about it

BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel - Latif
The Legal Committee of the House of Representatives announced the demise of the differences on the Federal Court Act, arguing that the legislation can achieve a quantum leap on the path of judicial reform.

Political convergence, it is in accordance with the Legal Committee, in the framework of the legislative activity of the Council, and enable in recent passing of important laws it remained trapped included for years recently, such as the criminalization of the Baath party and the law and the law of counter - terrorism apparatus.

The committee member said Kamel al - Zaidi , a coalition of law in the statement singled out the «morning»: The dispute over the Federal Court Act during the previous period , which was limited to the members of the committee of the Kurdistan Alliance and other members of the rest of the blocks caused disable legislation of the Federal Court Act, indicating that the views differed among themselves on decisions issued by the Court, unanimously or by a majority of two - thirds, noting that the Kurdistan Alliance sees consensus way to pass laws for the court as seen others two - thirds way represent to pass laws.

Zaidi explained that these differences may remain after reaching a solution that combines the two views on this paragraph It is to be court decisions unanimously on issues concerning the region, and did not get a consensus is granted the court for a month which held two meetings, and if they do not reach a solution Vsamrr decision two - thirds majority, pointing out that this solution landslide parties of the Kurdish National Alliance, hoping to pass this law in the coming stage.

For his part, member of the Committee on the mass of the citizen Salim Chawki in a statement singled out by the (morning) the determination of the legal committee on the legislation of the new Federal Court Act, returned the Federal Court Act deliverance from the figures and described Balsnumeih made ​​it work politically Federal Court rather than a legal, describing the introduction of legislation this law specific mutation on the path of judicial reform, noting that he shall not hold any judicial reform through other authorities, citing the saying « the principle of separation of powers in accordance with Article 47 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq does not allow the executive and legislative branches to perform any repair only by the legislation of laws» .

And Shawki confirmed the arrival of the judicial Council Act and public prosecution and judicial supervision to the House of Representatives, noting that all of these laws will be subject to important reforms and make an effective judiciary.