Review investment opportunities in Baghdad

9/6/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning
Baghdad Municipality has offered investment opportunities in various areas of the capital and were distributed among the projects included in the Secretariat plan between health, commercial, educational and service sectors.

The director of the investment department at the Municipality of Baghdad Essam Dagestani during a seminar organized by the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce of Turkey that GAM has adopted a new approach in the presentation of opportunities investment is very transparent , where he was in front of the investor all the aspects that are Jzb.ofatt elements that investment opportunities include housing projects in different areas of Baghdad , adding a mechanism to obtain regulatory approvals and facilities that accompanies the investment process.

He pointed to the adoption of a strict mechanism to choose the company that will be forwarded to them investment opportunities as it would be to the real operational capabilities of each company with the business carried out during the previous journey.

President of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce Turkish Firas al - Hamdani said that the goal of this event offer of investment opportunities for Iraqi businessmen and Turkish and discuss the limitations facing the implementation of the projects, and the nature of opportunities available an incentive to attract discreet Turkish companies that have the financial and operational solvency.

For his part , economist Hassan Ali Abdul Karim said the investment opportunities that have been taken will provide employment opportunities for a large segment of the unemployed before.