Economic reforms .. but!

9/6/2016 0:00

Yasser Metwally
Count many economists to stimulate the productive sectors of agricultural and industrial «domestic production» to address the lack of fiscal revenue due to the crisis of global oil prices and the war Daesh terrorist.

It is recommended they need to apply the product to protect consumer protection laws, the government had approved by for this purpose and of course the decision of the Council of Ministers and its recommendation to approve these laws in parliament.

Well directed sound really in order to activate the productive sectors which achieves several economic targets , including the reduction of unemployment by creating jobs for the unemployed, the activation coefficient stalled for the operation of the unemployed due to stoppage, inventory turnover internally to cut out hard currency.

As a reminder, the Iraqi media network , has adopted the slogan «made in Iraq» in support of the government directed to encourage national production.

But the strange thing is we see loss of coordination between the Iraqi ministries to support these trends and procedures
We are not against contracts with all countries in the world, but the requirements is locally produced to ensure the success of our decisions and our attitude in activating the productive sectors.

These contradictions in the actions indicate the extent of the imbalance and lack of coordination between sectors and ministries or lack of proper vision in decision - making.

The bottom line : we need to review and assess the exact needs in order to import the organization according to the real requirements of the missing and is produced locally.

For this Ndawaly bring life to the center of the market study in order to adopt the indicators of basic needs
and so we base our planning and our plans import accurate information contribute to achieving a balance between the producer and importer to be sound business decisions.

On the other hand we have organized ourselves to respect our decisions away from the individual interpretations that we lost the elements of economic reform desired by the government through the national rebirth of our production through activation of economic sectors opportunities.