The opening of the first center for the issuance of a unified national card in Babylon

09/05/2016 14:05

Long-Presse / Babylon

Opened nationality directorate in Babil province, on Monday, the first center for the issuance of a unified national card in the conservative district Kifl, south of Hilla, (100 km) south of Baghdad, while confirming plans to open another 15 centers during the next term.

The director of a unified national card in Babil province, Brigadier Haider Kadhim Nafie, in an interview with (long-Presse) on the sidelines of a ceremony organized by the Directorate during the opening of the first center for national card, "The first center in Babil province to issue a unified card was opened today in terms of Kifl, ( 25 km south of Hilla), "noting that" the center has 11 electronic calculator

Nafie said, that "the single card will be the official Almstmsk accredited to all government agencies under the instructions of prime minister," noting that "the Ministry of Interior has given to this project of great importance because it is a cultural project advanced."

He said Nafie, that "there are 15 centers for issuing the card and will be opened during the next term and the first of the city of Hilla Center, which has allocated a building by the leadership of Babylon operations," calling on the people vouching to "bring official documents and archives while their review of the Center for the issuance of the card."

For his part, Babil police chief Maj. Gen. Ali Hassan Hatch said in an interview with (long-Presse), he said that "today was the opening of an electronic edifice important in terms of vouching for the issuance of the unified card for citizens," noting that "the unified card will cancel all the routine procedures of old paper and cancel any fraud in which because all the measures to be issued electronically by the technical staff. "

He explained skylight, that "high security specifications and to meet international standards card and difficult to forge," pointing out that "the issuance of the card will generate build a unified and accurate database of Civil Status and citizenship certificate and information housing and other information database."

The unified national card project is a vast Bamadaminh e-government applications, it is hoped that the ends of the distribution of the single card for all citizens within five years, and aims to be reduced national card supporting documents to citizens electronically instead of relying on manual documentation.