DHI tourism emphasizes the increasing numbers of foreign delegations to maintain

2016/9/5 11:54

{Qar: Euphrates news} assured the Chairman of the Committee on tourism and Antiquities and religious affairs in generations, today Monday, increasing numbers of foreigners to visit the monuments and landmarks of the marshes.

She said the cream {Euphrates news} today, "after insert file marshes in Dhi Qar monuments on the World Heritage list {UNESCO} conservative reformer globally, where all foreign media and global deployment of the Marsh and nature sites in addition to the parameters of the effects on her home, which planted a great desire among foreign delegations to visit the province to see the sights and enjoy nature."

"We have demanded a special budget allocation for infrastructure development for artifact and marshes until you are ready to receive tourists," "lack of services in these locations.
And noted "the need to maintain cooperation between local and central Governments to draw new lines to create the infrastructure for these sites and marshes".

Mentions that Iraq managed to combine ahwarh and archaeological areas on the World Heritage list UNESCO after authentication, in Istanbul.

The importance of including Iraq marshes lies within the World Heritage list by not allowing any State source of water to cut or reduce water quotas affecting marshes, and will not allow any Iraqi Government marshes under any excuse.

As he would not allow any {international} military conflicts as the wars in the marshes, and won't allow any influx of living there, as well as protect endangered birds re their reproduction by providing a stable water environment, increased biodiversity where bird species and fisheries harvest does not exist in the world, and create jobs for local residents in the development area, the delivery of education services and energy for the region and the economic advantage of the investment process, and contribute to Increasing numbers of foreign tourists and ended it.