Anbar resume its activities for the recovery of the agricultural situation in the province

2016/9/5 11:00

[Where - Baghdad]

It resumed cultivation Anbar Directorate, Monday, agricultural activities in the province after the cessation of control as a result of terrorist Daesh them.

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The employees of the extension centers and its hamlets continuing to make extraordinary efforts to revive the agricultural situation in the province by extending a helping hand and support farmers and peasants to restore agricultural activity represented by contact and agreement with the departments and organizations and associations related to the agricultural activities of which were distributed to 200 kg of wheat crop class parents / 99 and 300 kg of fertilizer DAP given to each farmer by one of the Red Cross organizations and through Mnspa Directorate farm vine guidance where the total reached was distributed 139.5 tons of DAP fertilizer and 93 tons of wheat fathers. "

"The areas covered by the distribution is [Girls Hassan, flames Village, Village Burkabh, village thunders, Aldhabtih area, has also been assigned to staff the farm to pursue grown and harvested, and the agreement with the Canadian Aid Organization on the restoration and operation of the 135 House of plastic pointing out that the work underway to rebuild activity for the production of vegetables. "

The statement pointed out that "the agreement between the cadres of the guiding center with the Director of Agriculture and director of the Water Resources Division in the district of the vine for the maintenance of four pumps by the province and the Directorate maintenance of irrigation projects in Baghdad for the delivery of water tables that feed farm vine and agricultural land in the judiciary where it was maintained and operated."