Baaja exclude the resolution of the posts of defense and interior easily

Baghdad balance Nuys
Ruled MP front Reform Mansour Baaja, Monday, the names of the yacht and the defense and interior to the House of Representatives this week, because of the blocs of nominees. He Baaja in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "Prime Minister you can not overcome the political blocs to submit candidates to the House of Representatives to vote on them, which would delay the submission of candidates replacements without mass, which is that the ministry is an electoral maturity of its right to the approval of one of the candidacy personal take on that position. " He Baaja that "the replacement of ministers and to provide replacements for them by the same blocs is merely laughed at the chins will offer a little something and do not consider the reform but merely a disruption to the work of the state because there would not be any interest on the grounds that the bloc itself would name the minister will control faithful thus on all the political blocs that offering interest of the people on their own interests because the country is going through the situations are unstable and must meet the demands of the people that came out and no longer be just a slogan reforms Odhir Eye of the ashes of the situation because it will go to Malaihamd consequences. " He warned the government and the masses "of this matter, which should take seriously to end any dispute and provide the benefit of the country as soon as" .anthy 29 / D 24