"Resolution" hails the election of the wise presidency of the National Alliance: is the closest partners of the political process

Twilight News / solution movement hailed the election of Ammar al-Hakim, head of the National Alliance, and felt he was the closest political partners of the coalition forces and Kurdish blocs.
National Alliance leaders unanimously elected by Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the National Alliance, the successor to Ibrahim al-Jaafari and former head of the coalition and who is currently the foreign minister, according to informed sources. And Hakim vowed that make National Earlier alliance and effective strong business without At uniqueness provision does marginalization Mkun nor Astithar Resolution. The National Alliance has more than 185 seats in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which forms the parliamentary majority that the formation of the government and choose a prime minister. The movement of the solution and promised in a statement to the Twilight News reported, the election of the National Alliance, the forces of the Sage "wise choice" because of its recent "political and social weight, and the reference in the political process." It said its "optimism with a good selection of our brothers in the National Alliance to Mr. Hakim after two years of labor, confirmation of the desire of our brothers in the alliance to start a new page in parallel and victories against terrorism and our common endeavors to get out of the cycle of crises plaguing Iraq."
The movement of the solution and stressed that "the right choice for our brothers in the National Coalition for Personal al-Hakim stems from being the closest to the partners in the homeland and the most open to the brothers in the Union of Iraqi forces and the Kurdistan Alliance and the most desirable positions in confronting the crises that Iraq is going through."