Alaa Talabani reveal the nature of the relationship between Israel and the Iraqi Kurdistan

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The Chief of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Iraqi bloc, Alaa Talabani, because no relationship linking the Kurdistan region of Israel, denying the existence of any political or economic centers belonging to the land of Israel to the region. She said Talabani in a statement to "Elaf" I followed the "free event," about the relationship of the territory of Israel, "I think the nature of the relationship can be determined from the economically and through investment companies, or political relationship through the diplomatic representation or military through the presence of camps, but all this is present in Kurdistan, there is no Israeli companies are not military or diplomatic representation, not even tourism, which is not on the table for us the political arena and the economic and social in Kurdistan. " And confirmed that "on the contrary, to see our relations with Turkey, there is an economic and tourist relations and commercial exchanges and even exist Turkish camps, to see our relationship with Iran, there are cultural centers of political and trade and economic relations, So if all this does not exist, I can not say that there is a relationship with Israel. "