Germany calls on Russia to agree with the United States on Syria

Called German Foreign Minister Frank - Walter Steinmeier , Russia to conclude an agreement with the United States spends a cease-fire in Syria and stressed the need to deliver humanitarian aid to trapped in Aleppo.
Steinmeier said the forum Funke Mdyanjroppe press, which comprises a group of newspapers Sunday, September 4 / September " The United States has made ​​viewing, and can now Russia to show that they really concerned to put an end to the fighting in Syria , " .... "Even Russia has no interest in continuing fighting in Syria, Moscow is learning as everyone knows there is no military solution to the conflict in Syria. "
He also noted that the cease-fire in Aleppo is the basic requirement of the Syrian opposition to agree to return to negotiations, "This is the only condition set by the opposition in order to be ready to return to Geneva for the political talks."
And he raised the Steinmeier resentment of members of the center - right coalition to which it belongs when he insisted on the need to continue to deal with Russia, and stressed that ending the fighting in Syria is not Moscow but only but also , however , other players inside and outside Syria does not want to, but continued fighting.
The minister expressed the hope that the US and Russian officials are making progress on this issue during the bilateral meetings that take place on the sidelines of the first summit of the Group held in China.