Infallible: walk on the approach Talabani accepted by all Iraqis
said President Fuad Masum, bots are on former President Jalal Talabani approach, which is acceptable to all Iraqis.
The agency said pukmedia that "Talabani received on Sunday, the private office in the city of Sulaymaniyah, and in the presence of Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed , member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Masum, who expressed his utmost delight successfully therapeutic trip to Talabani and his return to the homeland provider of health and wellness."
He pointed infallible to the important role of President Jalal in Iraq and Kurdistan and the region, and that he appreciates always in his meetings the role of President Mam Jalal in the history of Iraq, saying that "President Jalal Talabani , a great symbol of peace and coexistence in Iraq, a source of pride for us to follow this path, which is acceptable to all Iraqis of all their constituents and their ideas . "
For his part, Talabani warmly welcomed his guest President infallible thankful feelings.