A member of the parliamentary Finance: staff negligence and inexperience muggers behind the bank robberies operations
{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan, the need to take caution by banks from its customers before the disbursement of funds, adding that "staff negligence and inexperience muggers behind the bank robberies operations."
According to Ahmed, he told {Euphrates News} " The thefts you get from the banks and fraud occur as a result of a great negligence on the part of the bank and not to take bank reserves, as well as there are well experienced in the field of bank robbery and assisted by the negligence of bank employees and not to beware of some customers."
He stressed that the banks " to take caution and take collateral from the customer to save public money."
He stressed " the importance of investigating the customers and the taking of security, because there are cases of fraud , despite the evolution of systems of banking and banking machines."
He pointed out that "there are a lot of robberies carried out by banks have also been foil a lot of robberies, as a result of the arrival of information to the competent authorities and foiled before the theft. "
the board of integrity had announced earlier foiled two attempts to steal more than 37 billion dinars from the state's Rafidain Bank, indicating that" the competent integrity issues Criminal Court issued two judgments Gaabeyen separate warrants for two of the state's Rafidain Bank customers; for their feet on two attempts to pass the two instruments non - believers, was seized instruments through an electronic matching, to reveal that they do not believe, and there is sufficient balance in the account Mahrrehma ".anthy http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=126325