In the parliamentary economy by the central bank to qualify {failed}
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} epithet for economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki, on Sunday, the low level of cash reserves of hard currency, calling the central bank to "failed for lack of control over exchange rates."
Maliki said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that "there are measures included many of the suspicions of corruption and fraud what is known as a window of foreign currency sale at the central bank that caused the depletion of the currency of the country, and led to the decline of dollar reserves in a safe bank, which she was more than $ 80 billion to No. anonymous central bank can not permit it. "

he added that he " has a certain information to indicate a low level of cash reserves of hard currency to the low levels portend serious disasters in the short and long term has been threatening to bankrupt Iraq and drowning in debt Foreign Affairs. "
He explained that " there is a vast difference between the approved price in the local market for accredited to the Central Bank of the price, allowing the spoilers and behind them by depriving the government of tax and Alcomerk in addition to depriving the Iraqi people of the benefit of the real exchange rate. "

He noted that " the central bank proved failing to control the exchange rates of foreign currencies , despite the many promises made By the actions carried out by, and that was the result increased the corrupt wealth and increased poverty of the citizen. "
he held Maliki 's central bank" responsibility for this corruption and waste of the people 's wealth exciting way to suspicions managed through which corrupt the drain on the economy internal , "warning" to take punitive action in the interrogation and to hold accountable those responsible for this negligence and negligence in the event of failure to take swift action to stop it , ".anthy