"Lobbies" in fairness accused of "obstructing" the investigation file corruption with 52 projects in Baghdad

09/04/2016 17:56

Long-Presse / Baghdad

It confirmed the Baghdad Provincial Administration, on Sunday, squandering sums up to more than 850 billion dinars on projects "failed or lagging behind," did not achieve any added value or aesthetic of the capital, and revealed the referral of 52 file corruption related to those projects to the Integrity Commission, and accused the "lobbies "in the body of" obstructing "the investigation of those files," called the launch "a broad media campaign to open and reveal the fate of that money."

He said the technical deputy governor of Baghdad, Jassim Alboukhata, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "suspicions of corruption goes on many of the projects carried out in Baghdad, including the development of the military channel and rehabilitation through the Muhammad al-Qasim," noting that "the Army Canal project cost the state some 200 million dollars despite the failure is not yet fully accomplished. "

He promised Alboukhata, that it "is logic to be implemented a tourism project on a road in the middle of the big hype generated by sounds of cars and trucks," adding that "the province proposed to expand the Canal Street 15 m on each side to accommodate more than eight cars, as well as outfitted pretty switch on along the course of water and monitors security and radars, but everyone ignored the proposal. "

He held Alboukhata, it is "prepared the design of the development of the military responsible for failing to channel project", stressing that "the Baghdad Municipality spent 64 billion dinars for the rehabilitation by Muhammad al-Qasim rapidly to become the shameful situation never suggest spending that amount Tail."

He Alboukhata, that "the problem of raising the waste that has developed along the way military channel stations, especially near the Muthanna Bridge, worse still, the order of the draft army channel through the Muhammad al-Qasim," attributing the reason to the "volatility of waste from vehicles carried by the result of lack of coverage."

He stressed the technical deputy governor of Baghdad, that "the capital you need to re-consider its departments and its officials," pointing out that "some of the completed projects disappear after six months to begin the process of maintenance in a prosthesis and disbursement of the additional funds."

He Alboukhata, that "the dignity of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the company contracted with the previous administration of the province during the year 2011, to implement a series of projects including the establishment of 76 schools and other water worth 850 billion dinars," adding, that "the company has not implemented any project which in spite of receiving 60 % of the value of the consent of the former governor Salah Abdul-Razzaq. "

He Alboukhata that "the establishment of checkpoints worth 92 billion dinars file, involves is also on suspicions of corruption being when announced was $ 12 billion and 400 million dinars," noting that "exaggerated checkpoints enough to set up 15 advanced school in Baghdad."

He Alboukhata, that "the current administration of the province has provided 52 large file corruption to the Integrity Commission," but he also said, "but there are pressure groups (lobbies) within the body agitated stopped."

He called technical deputy governor of Baghdad, to "launch a broad media campaign to open those files and find out the fate of the huge sums of money that has wasted behold, without achieving any addition or aesthetic quality of the capital."

It is noteworthy that the Baghdad Provincial Council, revealed in (the 29th of August 2015), for the exchange of more than three trillion dinars on the implementation of projects in the capital, while stressing that 50 percent of them lagging behind and ten percent fake, between the local government owes to companies executing about two billion Dinar.