Parliamentary Finance: customs revenues will amount to more than a billion dollars a year


Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the revenue obtained from the customs border crossings rate will rise to weakness after the application of the new law.

The committee member said Jabbar al-Abadi said "the number of official border crossings has 49 outlets across the provinces / except for some other informal outlets in Kurdistan / province, and the rate of revenue of customs fees up around 500-600 million dollars a year."

He explained, "After the implementation of the new law and the administration of the unified body will increase the rate of those revenues more than doubled to reach more than a billion dollars annually."

He added that "all the border crossings link Authority uniform makes the laws and regulations issued by the federal authority applied in all provinces without exception," noting that "under the law given to border crossings body validity of the proposal to the Cabinet to close any border port of Aaltzm the regulations in force, and therefore the unity of decision chairmanship of the Commission will decide the controversial red tape. "

"The presence of the body will eliminate the Alkmarki evasion and non-payment of tariff duties at border crossing points, and will enable the state departments of local product protection."

The House of Representatives recently voted on the legislation of border crossings into law.