DHI oil company registered capital of 300 billion dinars

4 September 2016-04:42 pm

Detect Qar Governor Yahya Nazarene Sunday about completing administrative procedures for registering Qar oil company as a public company registration service affiliates to the Ministry of trade and capital of 300 billion Iraqi dinars.

Nasseri said that this recording came to a formal request by the oil Ministry to the Ministry of commerce within the complete procedures for establishing a company Thi official approvals obtained after its separation from SOC earlier.

He noted that this recording will have a significant impact in speeding up the opening of the company after the publication of such registration in the US soon, explaining that the project will provide thousands of jobs for the sons of the province with the development and expansion projects.

He called the new Iraqi oil Minister Nassiri to be clear imprint Ministry in declaring the large Nasiriyah refinery and transmit it to one of our capable companies as well as small refineries project and provided maintenance earlier as a project to produce gasoline.