Iraq index rises to support stocks hotels and banks.

04 September 2016 03:44 pm

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange by the end of trading Sunday, supporting stocks hotels and banks.

The General index climbed at the close of trading today 0.33%, up to a level of 559.02 points, winning 1.85 points from Thursday's hearing levels.

Pointer support today high 7 shares, 3 of them with banking and commercial bank issued by 4.76 percent, as the Bank increased Assyria 3.45%.

The banking sector included the most active arrow; where active bank issued stock Baghdad today volume and value traded 270.78 million shares, valued at 209.26 million dinars.

Either the hotel industry, saw growth of 10% Baghdad hotel shares, the gainers today.

Industry shares diverged today to rise 1.61 percent, pharmaceutical Mansour while Iraqi arrow to manufacture and market dates the holdouts by 2.94%.

Today's turnover increased to 525.53 million shares compared to 339.4 million shares in the last session, liquidity rose to 359.63 million dinars 217.09 million dinars on Thursday.