The Basra ports operating on Streetlight navigational channels to facilitate the sailing ships at night.


Public ports company headquartered in Basra Saturday, implemented a campaign to maintain navigational channels containing floats and lighting for easy sailing ships at night within Iraqi territorial waters.

The Director of information and public relations department in company Tigers abdelmonem "net Division enlightenment offshore drilling section of the using ship (Eagle) specialized work of enlightenment with navigational buoys maintenance campaign included some new switch and fix some of the other", stating that "the campaign included navigational channels and routes from Khor change through incense Abdullah even Khor Al Zubair.

NET pointed out that "the buoys are equipped with lamps to facilitate night navigation in Iraqi territorial waters, the steamers plying at night benefit from having those buoys identifying their tracks", adding that "it is intended to maintain the safety of ships and promote smooth navigation, as the action expresses the company's ports in the IMDG Code."

The Basra governorate includes five commercial ports give port near stronghold from the city center, other ports are the port of Um Qasr which established in 1965, the Transport Ministry announced in 2010 about bisected into two southern and Northern each with its own management, usually receives steamers laden with imported materials to account for the Commerce Department, while 1989 project build Khor Zubair, a second generation ports, and in 1976 created Abu flous port on The West Bank of the Shatt al-Arab in spend with Khasib preliminary projects are being implemented to build the large port of Faw, which is hoped to be when completed one of the largest commercial ports in the region.