Wasit University announced its plan to accept more than three thousand students

2016/9/4 13:35

[Where - Baghdad]

Wasit University announced its plan to accept about three thousand and 500 students in the morning and evening studies for the academic year 2016 / 0.2017.

Said Assistant Rector for Academic Affairs Hashim Ali pleased in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The university has completed its preparations all for the start of the new academic year through the creation of all the conditions of human and material supplies to welcome the new students."

"The plan included the acceptance of 2463 students in the morning to study in 13 colleges are [education, science, management, economics, engineering, literature, medicine, agriculture, law, dentistry, computer, math, basic education, physical education, fine arts]" .

Pleased and said that "the plan included the acceptance of 1023 students in the evening study with 8 faculties are [science, management, economics, engineering, law, sports, education, basic education, computer, mathematics, fine arts.